My love and passion for my sweets began when I was young visiting my grandmother’s farm in Northern Iran. I used to spend the summers there and learnt from her all kinds of different recipes for traditional foods and pastries. That led me to further pursue my passion by working with some of the best and most renowned chefs in Iran. They specialized in home-made sweets from all over Iran, in each instance I would manage to somehow better those with my own input to make them truly unique.

I continued making my sweets for my family and friends. Later when I moved to Dubai with my family, I continued my passion by not only making my sweets, but by also teaching what I had learned to some of my enthusiastic friends. In 1992, I opened my first store in Dubai, which to my surprise proved to be a major success, with people lining up to buy my sweets. I can now rely on my work force of more than eighty highly skilled personnel to give me a hand, and I am able to sell my products in all over the world.

Today it is that same passion which is the driving force for me and my family to further grow and expand our business into new markets, so that more and more people can share our delights.

Shahnaz Bagherzadeh